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''Talent is in reality the day-to-day work''

HANGAR is a center for artistic research and production, founded in 1997 by the Association of Visual Artists of Catalonia. Included in its program of continuous education and specific workshops are some subjects traditionally excluded from artistic training, such as the economic management of its projects, the use of new technologies for the dissemination of their works, and even basic knowledge of electronics, robotics, and other scientific disciplines.


"It seems very complicated to introduce a subject like robotics in a school of Fine Arts. Here we offer an interpretation of robotics applied to artistic practices, and this makes centers like Hangar meaningful"

"Professionals from different fields exchange knowledge, not only between different branches of the same field but with other fields as well"

"Schools should teach children artistic sensitivity in a much broader, more open way than just being limited to painting or drawing classes"

"We restrict children’s imagination from a very early age, and in the long run this stops the flow of creativity"

"Often artistic practice and creativity arise from limitation"

"Talent is in reality the day-to-day work"

Impulsa - Fòrum Fundació Príncep de Girona

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