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The Bloon Project is about to complete financing that will make its first manned flight possible.

During his intervention at the Impulsa Forum, José Mariano López-Urdiales asked the attendees for their assistance in achieving the Bloon Project’s goal of taking people into Near Space in stratospheric balloons. In recent months the project has acquired part of the necessary financing, and hopes to reach the sum of an additional million euros before the end of the year, in order to close this phase of financing. This would allow zero2infinity, the company founded by José Mariano López-Urdiales, to develop the project to the first manned flight, scheduled for 2012.

Zero2Infinity aims to  make accessible the experience of flying beyond commercial airspace, which at present is only possible by means of orbital and suborbital rockets, with a high cost of between 200,000 dollars and 56 million dollars, something very few people can afford. The helium balloons, with which zero2infinity has carried out various successful unmanned test flights, offer, in addition to much more reasonable prices, an experience that is peaceful, silent and environmentally-friendly. 

Read more about the project: http://www.inbloon.com/

More about the business plan: jmlu@inbloon.com

José-Mariano López Urdiales at the IMPULSA Forum 2010

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