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Ruth Ruiz, IMPULSA Social Service Award


Impulsa Social Service Award is granted to a person who is a social entrepreneur and, most especially, a person who encourages the social integration of collectives who are marginalized or at risk of exclusion

The Ludalia Foundation, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to promoting leisure and cultural activities for young people between the ages of 18 and 45 with intellectual disabilities in need of intermittent and limited support.

The objective that gives meaning to Ludàlia is to share with society the different capabilities of these people and their right to leisure and culture through activities and projects that include them. The activities take place in spaces normally available to society, are provided with the support of a team of specialized monitors and are aimed at facilitating meaningful relationships, friendship and interaction among the participants.

Ruth Ruiz Gil, born on 13 December 1983, is one of the Ludalia Discotheque’s promoters. Since 2005, the Ludalia Discotheque has brought together some 150 young people with disabilities (from 18 to 45 years of age) every Sunday evening at the Luz de Gas Discotheque to have a good time, share experiences, have soft drinks and dance. All this takes place thanks to the dedication of volunteer monitors from the Ludàlia Foundation, such as Albert Maldonado, Joel Miró, Mariona Lobo, Adrià Riera and Ruth Ruiz herself. They see to minimizing problems for those with disabilities: facilitating access, helping them with their coats, encouraging them to dance…. They also find the artists who perform for free: the Magician Andreu, Monica Green, Manel Fuentes and many others.


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