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Fundació Exit, IMPULSA Award to an organization


The Impulsa Award to an Organization gives recognition to the trajectories of enterprising organizations that encourage youth in one of the four fields in which the Foundation focuses its activity: social, scientific-academic, cultural-sports and business.

The Èxit Foundation originated in Barcelona in the year 2000 with the objective of improving the employment possibilities of young people who fail at school and are at risk of social exclusion. The initiative came from a group of committed business people who joined forces with social service organizations to develop their own model of job training based on networking that would give the most socially disadvantaged young people their first employment opportunity.

The social franchise model with which the foundation began, and with which they have achieved great social impact with a minimal structure, has evolved toward a mechanism that is better adapted to the current socio-economic situation and the reality of young people today. A great deal of creativity is required to find such innovative formulas as the Coach Project or the Dual training program, where young people and companies can feel comfortable and with results that are advantageous for both.

The key lies in establishing a bridge between the social world and the business world, and the foundation’s success has been in making it a two-way bridge. They have also shown great ability in getting multinational and big companies involved in social service projects.

One of the foundation’s many noteworthy activities currently underway is the Socialjobs Project, which aims to connect companies and collectives with special employment difficulty through new technologies (a social “infojobs”).

In the words of the  Èxit Foundation’s president, Salvador Mas de Xaxas: “What makes Èxit special is the ability we have to connect the reality of young people and the social services that work with them to the reality of the business world. And we are able to do this because in the same organization we have brought together people from many different backgrounds but with a single purpose: the employment of young people at risk of social exclusion”.


Impulsa - Fòrum Fundació Príncep de Girona

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