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One of the key factors in eyeos success is that we weren't afraid of failure



“The idea of the EyeOs project originated from the need for a solution to a daily problem that seems banal: how to solve the transfer of files, which shows that projects can stem from any context or situation”

“If a project is useful for oneself, it is sure to be of use to someone else”

“Without meaning to, we became the alternative to major information technology giants such as Google, and currently the EyeOs system is operating in 52 countries, is translated in 35 languages and has 16,000 users”

“Two years after Google announced that the new information revolution would be cloud computing, we had already developed it, but the beginning was not easy”

“One of the most attractive features of EyeOs, which has made it possible for EyeOs to be so successful, is that it is an open source system and this inspires people with confidence”

“Although it may seem surprising, the fact of not having funding resources at the start of our project became an advantage, not a disadvantage”

“We are all entrepreneurs and anyone who has an idea can become an entrepreneur”

“There is no better or worse place for starting an entrepreneurial project, nor any particular age: it’s all a question of believing in your initiative”

“Not being afraid of failure is key: in the end, EyeOS has been very successful, but there have also been aspects of the project that haven’t gone forward”


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