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''Every year 700 new businesses are created in the US. Only Israel creates more startups every year''

Carl J.Schramm, president and CEO of The Kauffman Foundation

  • Carl J.Schramm

Why is it so important to have an entrepreneurial spirit? In the 80’s the term entrepreneur was not very well known. In the United States the jobs that are being created are in companies that have been founded recently. Sometimes policies are implemented to protect big corporations and in fact entrepreneurs are the ones who generate employment. The growth of any country has to do above all with one factor: the speed of starting up new businesses.

 How can we acquire new entrepreneurs? Many companies start with a single person who has an idea and devotes his or her career to it. The entrepreneur has three ingredients: a big idea, talent and money. Ideas and money, there are, what’s missing is talent.

 Every year 700 new companies are started up in the United States. Only Israel starts more businesses. And we realize we don’t have entrepreneurs. How can the ones that already exist be more successful?

 We need growth, but why? India and China have adopted entrepreneurial capitalism as a mode of growth and have reduced poverty in the world by 30%. This demonstrates the power of entrepreneurs. If there is not more wealth, we won’t have more well-being, more hospitals, more schools. We need growth on the same scale.

 Entrepreneurs do three things: 1) introduce something new; 2) create jobs; 3) contribute to the well-being of society.

 We must show children that there is another future possible. In November The Kauffman Foundation will once again organize the Global Entrepreneurship Week in 113 countries, with a potential impact on 100 million children.

Impulsa - Fòrum Fundació Príncep de Girona

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