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''Transformation is a journey. We transform ourselves and we transform the environment around us''

Talk between Carlota Mateos (senior) and Albert Brosa (junior). Power to the imagination.

  • Albert Brosa i Carlota Mateos

A quote from Jung: “he who looks inward, dreams; he who looks outward, wakes up”. To transform we must start from a certain nonconformity. You must have courage to get down to work.  C.M.

Nonconformity. How many of these nonconformists are going to do something to stop being so?  We have to do something, out of malaise or because we disagree or because we think we can do something positive. A.B.

Project. “Eco-sustainable traveler’s suite”, a new way of making hotels. A considerable part of the GDP in Spain comes from tourism. And we must respect the environment. C.M.

Contagion. We must be able to transfer the transforming attitude to different groups of people. I am in favor of proximity journalism, local televisions, the power of the community. A.B.

We need a culture that is more permissive with people who want to dream. The society capable of dreaming is a society with hope. But we need time for dreaming. And this is where the concept of corner comes into play, a place to take refuge with oneself, to listen to one’s inner voice and dream, get inspired, create, innovate. C.M.

There is also the question of social pressure. But we mustn’t forget that the individual dream comes first, and afterwards the society will benefit. C.M.

The world of emotions. We must touch the emotion of teams and clients, and this will lead to more durable and stronger relationships. We changed the direction of our business, going from being a hotel chain to being a company that creates experiences. And that’s how we reached people in a more powerful way. C.M.

The same thing happens with local televisions. For advertising, we take the people who watch us every day. We touch their fiber with programs they can relate to, for example, with a program put together by children between the ages of 9 and 12 who interview people, and this is watched by their parents, grandparents, etc. A.B.

Courage. We mustn’t wait for the system to tell us when we should or shouldn’t get started. Decisions must be taken with courage, even though the environment makes it difficult. And we must be prepared for failure. But we must not lose sight of our goal. We can learn from our mistakes, we must know how to handle them. And we must also be aware of our own limitations. A.B.

We are much more entrepreneurs than business people. That’s why, when possible, we have hired a managing director. And we also have an external advisory board to corroborate good ideas or to go forward when it seems there is no way out. C.M.

Perseverance. Do, do, do without losing heart. There are three elements to emphasize: self-confidence to overcome doubts and instability; the trust others put in us; and how to generate relationships of trust in which transparency prevails. We can reveal our weaknesses, because this is an act of sincerity that people greatly appreciate. C.M.

Patience. We need time to develop our project. And always have the focus on the goal we are pursuing. A.B.

Transformation is a journey. We transform ourselves and we transform the environment around us. C.M.

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