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  • Daniela Mendez, junior-senior winner of IMPULSA 2011, among the 10 most outstanding social entrepreneurs in Spain

Daniela Mendez, junior-senior winner of IMPULSA 2011, among the 10 most outstanding social entrepreneurs in Spain

Daniela Mendez received the "Young Social Entrepreneurs" Award from the European University of Madrid (YouthActionNet) for her project Phoenix Attitude 2.0 – Center for Social and Technological Innovation for employability and entrepreneurship. Recently Daniela, winner of the junior-senior dynamic during the 2011 IMPULSA Forum, shared her concerns and projects with members of the Advisory Council of Girona’s Vocational School, Zaryn Dentzel (Tuenti), Diego del Alcázar (Business Institute and Vocento Group), and Benita Ferrero-Waldner (former member of the European Commission).

My name is Daniela Mendez, I’m 29 years old, I’m a systems engineer at the FASP University of São Paulo and Professional Project Manager certified by the PMI. I have worked on an international level in Brazil, the UK and Spain with multinational companies such as AIRBUS and Santander Bank and a year ago I founded and currently direct the social organization CDI Spain and its Project Phoenix Attitude 2.0. My short to medium range objectives are to develop CDI in Spain with a positive social impact and scalability and to participate in other motivating professional and business projects in the social fields of technology and business development. 

First of all I would like to thank the Prince of Girona Foundation for it excellent initiative the Impulsa Forum and congratulate it for organizing the event, for its choice of speakers and the various concurrent activities, and above all for connecting experienced professionals with Young Entrepreneurs.

Participating in the Impulsa Forum, and being the winner of the junior-senior dynamic award, was for me a great honor and an excellent opportunity to connect with three fantastic people: Ms. Benita Ferrero-Waldner, Mr. D. Diego del Alcázar and Mr. D. Zaryn Dentzel of the Prince of Girona Foundation advisory council. I consider these people very interesting, not only for their professional trajectories, but also for their values, their human qualities and their life trajectories. Having had the opportunity to meet and talk with them meant a lot to me. I shared with each of them my social project Phoenix Attitude 2.0 of CDI Spain, we talked about our personal and professional life trajectories, and I received from them some very good advice, contacts and encouragement. The project Phoenix Attitude 2.0 of CDI Spain that I direct consists of a non-formal educational and coaching program oriented toward promoting, through new technologies and the use of participatory methodologies, employment integration and an entrepreneurial spirit among low-income groups in Spain. The project is aimed at disadvantaged young people and immigrants, with the goal of positively impacting their lives and turning them into change makers, to improve not only the quality of their own lives, but also that of their surrounding environment, creating a viral networking effect that multiplies the positive social impact. I give lots of encouragement to other restless young people, there is much to be done. We need to innovate, to believe in our ideas, in our vision and talent. Persevere with efficiency and fight for our projects. The world needs young entrepreneurs like us to guarantee the sustainability of tomorrow. I dedicate this award to all of you, to the Prince of Girona Foundation, to all the seniors who collaborated with our development and to all the restless Young Entrepreneurs like me, who work daily with enthusiasm to start up their ideas, projects and businesses, creating wealth, generating job opportunities and contributing to the advancement of society. 

Those people, organizations and companies who wish to collaborate with the project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. [email protected].

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