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''One million trees for Spain: Let’s start together the most ambitious tree planting activity''

Felix Finkbeiner, founder of de The Plant-for-the-Planet initiative

  • Felix Finkbeiner

Here in Spain many young people are in the streets because they don’t think they have a future.

During the Climate Summit COP16 in Cancun the youth were wearing t-Shirts saying: you talk longer then we are old. Don’t tell us you need more time!”

We are the future, but if we don’t have a future, what is left for us? 

The adults know all the global problems and they know the solutions. But we children do not understand why there is so little action..

Some adults hide behind the climate skeptics. If we follow the scientist who say there is a climate crisis and find out in 20 years that they were wrong, we did not make something wrong. But if we follow the skeptics and find out in 20 years that they were wrong it is too late to save our future. If you let a monkey choose between one banana now or six bananas later, it will always choose the option of a banana now. If many adults think like a monkey, we children have a huge problem.

We children and youth must take the future in our own hands and we developed a 3 point program to save our future: 1. Carbon into the museum until 2050, 2. Poverty into the museum through climate justice 3. Planting a trillion (1.000 billion) trees.

If every person on the planet will plant 15 trees in the next 10 years, we will achieve our goal until 2020. Start the most ambitions tree planting activity in Spain involving the youth from the street!

It is possible. We can do it!

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