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''Starting your own project is the best Master you can do in life''

Jia Jia Wang Liu, founder of Jia Jia Edicions

  • Jiajia Wang Liu, entrepreneur, fundadora de JiaJia Edicions

My parents had to emigrate from China and work very hard so that my brother and I could have a future. 

They always worked in one Chinese restaurant or another, and we moved from one small room to another. My mother even slept for some months in the bathtub so that we could have space to study.

I am very grateful that I spent part of my childhood and adolescence in a Chinese restaurant, because it taught me a lot of things: to be a person and remember the values of effort, constancy, sacrifice and family unity.

My parents wanted a different future for us. I made use of my free time by studying languages, because I was very motivated to be able to change my future.

When I was 18 I said I wanted to study, because I wanted to fly, and education allowed me to fly!

I was very lucky. After studying at UPF, the Joan Riera Gubau Foundation gave me the opportunity to go to Harvard on a scholarship. After finishing my studies, I didn’t want to pursue an academic career.

I turned down the opportunity to work for a big consulting firm because I wanted to go forward with my own project.

When my parents found out, they were really upset, and they even told me to leave the house. Fortunately, I was awarded a prize of 20,000 euros and I temporarily regained the confidence of my family.

I’m young, I’m very naive; since I’ve never done anything, I believe everything is possible. And so I decided to set up my own business.

The path is not easy. Sales are slow, but I don’t think anybody makes money in the beginning. I finance myself by working as a translator and teacher of Chinese.

The main obstacle for my project is the moral debt to my family.

I know I’m on the right path. I’m happy with my project. 

We young people can allow ourselves to make mistakes. I’m not afraid of failure because it’s the mother of success.

Undertaking you own project is the best master you can earn in life.

Now I sleep among books!!

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