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''We must walk from the self criticism and from humility''

Inma Shara, one of the most brilliant representatives of the new generation of international orchestral conductors.

  • Inma Shara

My life is an obsession, it’s classical music, it’s more than a passion, a universal language, to take music to the heart of all human beings.

Music is an ethical code of conduct, which helps one to be a better person, the constant overcoming by and for others. This is how the staves of our lives make sense.

We live in an absolutely materialistic society, where quantity takes priority over quality, with erroneous models of happiness. A society based on rampant individualism, where everything is justified by any available means.

We are witnessing a clear crisis of values: moral relativism and mental accommodation in the face of any situation have become common references.

It is now that we must question whether quantity and voracious consumerism are the engines of the concept of happiness.

We must create and retrieve a society with opportunities, one that remembers what it means to listen, and not just hear.

Cacophony is what’s in fashion. Harmony is not in the news.

Complete happiness does not exist in any profession, but if we are masters of creating our own symphony of happiness based on work well done and constant enthusiasm, this is certainly a challenge.

Attitude transforms society; it modifies the models of coexistence, so thirsty for change in these times. Attitude is a way of understanding life.

Being an entrepreneur is enthusiasm, discipline, but above all passion. Being an entrepreneur is walking, and we must find the tools that help us have a steady step.

We must engage in entrepreneurship and walk forward with self-criticism, with humility and above all with the development of sensitivity.

Sensitivity is a form of education for success.

The world of emotions and the attitude of response in the conquest of life lead us to defining with clarity the concept of success and failure.

We must not pursue success based on the current doctrines. Success is a way of acting from generosity, optimizing every moment with true confidence in human values.

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