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IMPULSA - Fòrum Fundació Príncep de Girona

''We want to achieve a macro-challenge: Young people in the room, help us. Instead of talking about things, let’s do things!''


Last year I recommended “putting a young person in your life”. And today we have proved that this was a good idea. The amount of potential we can achieve is huge when we combine potential with knowledge.

When I set up the business, and was looking for money, a very intelligent person asked me if we would get rich. I responded “rich in what? Today we have talked about enthusiasm, passion, transformation, being convinced that we have a mission.

The message to seniors is that it is absurd not to use young talent. It’s not just a question of respect, but of efficiency. These challenges we pose to young people should be more pronounced. In the Spanish edition of the Lego League there was a project to stimulate blood donations. A group of children started to wonder if artificial blood could be used, or blood from dead people or animals. Their proposal was a breakthrough: to reduce the legal age of blood donors, with parental permission, to 16.

The message to juniors is that the world is difficult, but we have more tools available.

After every mountain comes a valley, and then another mountain. We must never stop.

Tariq Krim has talked about changing rules and values. In this forum we can’t help but talk about the phenomenon of 15 M: collective intelligence has appeared suddenly and clearly.

The Word is “project”. Everything is about projects. Things need to be done. We are all protagonists. You are a protagonist if you have a focus, if you find what interests you. In a world with a multitude of stimulants, it is difficult to concentrate. How can we be happy in an environment with so many stimulants? We must channel these stimulants into a project in order to go forward, convert these stimulants in passion.

We live in a world where age doesn’t matter. As in the case of Andrea Motis and her group, young people and adults are doing something together.

Impulsa’s goal is to stimulate entrepreneurship. We want to achieve a macro-challenge: Young people in the room, help us. Instead of talking about things, let’s do things.

1st challenge: to not talk about indignant ones, but rather about dignifying, about how to make sure the most restless ones at school are not stigmatized.

2nd challenge: how to show the entrepreneur’s emotion, which is not something hard. We want to talk about those who are passionate.

3rd challenge: for thousands of teachers around the country to become entrepreneurial educators. The Telefónica Foundation has initiated a project with this goal in mind.

4th challenge: how to help young people find a focus, through mentors, dedicating more time to our children.

5th challenge: How to make sure enthusiasm matters in the curriculum, in the same way learning matters.

And since I am very daring, I’m going to propose a challenge for HRH the Prince: you are the nexus between these two generations. There is no place in the country right now like this auditorium, where neckties and jeans have come together in a common goal for the good of society.

Change happens when we stop thinking of ourselves and starting thinking of all of us together.

All systems tend to generate an immunity, to load changes with antibodies. Transformation won’t take place from the center, but rather from the periphery. To be radical today is to be normal.

In the Prince of Girona Foundation, I put forth the challenge that young people also be the ones to organize this event in the coming editions.


Impulsa - Fòrum Fundació Príncep de Girona

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