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IMPULSA - Fòrum Fundació Príncep de Girona
IMPULSA - Fòrum Fundació Príncep de Girona

Conclusions 2012 Forum


"Respect individuals, value differences, share abilities. And when difficulties arise, we must see them as challenges and find the best solution by working together as a team. Everybody’s contribution is vital." Elisabetta Dami

IMPULSA is also a journey. It is only the first step towards attaining our dreams. Because, no doubt, we do have dreams.

The IMPULSA Generation does not have it easy, but then neither did the generations that came before us. What we do have are the tools and the motivation needed to conquer our own futures.

"It is vital to pursue one's dreams, whatever the cost. Together, we shall make our dreams come true, with initiative, enthusiasm, a lot of work and above all, collaboration." Michael López-Alegría

Because our future is also the future of the senior generation.

"Let’s teach creativity to the very youngest, even in underprivileged environments. Let’s educate them solve real challenges." Kiran Sethi

"We don’t need large infrastructures or resources, we only need the will to change the system, to develop new learning methods, to learn to be an entrepreneur at school." David Rosendo/Caroline Jenner

"No challenge is impossible." David Risher

"Co-creation in a project is not simply the sum of its parts; it is a multiplication of each person’s assets. All we need is to have an open mind to be able to fit together the pieces of an increasingly complex puzzle." Toni Segarra and the students from ESCAC

"Prioritizing in life and in business everything that adds value to society as a whole." Jil van Eyle

"From illusion to reality – it all depends on us. Having a dream, believing in it and pursuing whoever we need to, to help us turn it into a reality." Jorge Luengo

"Think Big, act small and collaborate." Lotta Hassi

The world is already collaborating: a world in which collaboration between sectors and disciplines breaks frontiers and moulds.

We need a new way of thinking to be able to learn better; a system capable of turning students into professionals with different capacities and talents to collaborate and convert their ideas into actions.

"A different way of entrepreneuring is possible. Entrepreneuring is an attitude that engages everybody." Jean Claude Rodríguez-Ferrera

"Co-economy is, above all, a new attitude to life: we are overwhelmed by resources that we do not use, and that does not benefit us either on a personal or group level. We need to know how to multiply all those situations in which sharing makes us feel good." Mar Alarcón

"Many small gestures from many people can create a world-changing force! Together, we are able to CO-TRANSFORM the society in which we live." Ryan Hreljac

"Juniors and seniors, we have so much to share..." Kadija James

 Talent is everywhere – in every neighbourhood. What we need is for all young people, regardless of their background, to have a fair opportunity.

We encourage companies, professionals, and organisations that are represented here today, to take this step.

"Life is full of difficulties. The important thing is to get back up again, once and again." Ester Bertran

"Nothing is impossible." Paco Ragageles

Never before have we had so many opportunities to share, disseminate and access knowledge.

It doesn't matter how old we are or what school we attended.

Today, we can also teach our seniors.

Please, seniors, be open to that opportunity in your companies and organisations.

Let's collaborate to make a better world!

Multifaceted and cross-sectoral collaboration will, in the coming years, be the catalyst for a greater transformation of society.

Collaboration between companies, between professionals, between research groups, between leaders (political, business, union…), between the public and private sector, between emerging talent and established talent.

Collaborate, Share, Construct, Coexist, Connect, Cooperate, Contribute... to Transform, just as professor Pedro Alonso has shown us, infecting us with his enthusiasm: no challenge is impossible if we apply multidisciplinary collaboration.

IMPULSA is a meeting point, in Girona, where everybody is welcome.

Going way beyond individual ideologies and convenience, the IMPULSA Forum is the venue for all those who want to make a commitment and get involved in order to lead the way and make this world a better place.

All the guests who have stood on this stage are normal people who, with a great deal of effort, commitment, enthusiasm and collaboration, are achieving extraordinary things.

This is the IMPULSA SPIRIT: a disruptive spirit, capable of rekindling enthusiasm in all generations; a spirit that is open, restless, proactive, committed and brave, and that enables us to believe in our dreams and in our ideas once again.

The IMPULSA spirit will help us to banish the anguish and defeatism of our times. It should help us to recover our ideas, talents, capabilities and opportunities. Only in that scenario we will be the masters of our own future.

No motor can operate without energy.

The IMPULSA spirit is the fuel that drives the IMPULSA Generation.

Let’s share this energy so that all the motors of our society can start driving us forward again.

Collaborating is not just an opportunity; it is an ethical imperative that we must face as a society.

IMPULSA is volunteering to act as the catalyst and umbrella for this collective challenge.

Good intentions are not enough: specific, generous and brave actions are needed. And not only from the juniors.

We, the IMPULSA generation, need you to be in good shape.

Seniors: we don’t want to see you depressed or anxious, or drifting without direction.

We need you 100%. Only with you will the future be ours.

We need open minds willing to listen to new ideas and to believe in them; we want to experiment; we want to evolve towards new models!

You have a responsibility and our permission to act differently and convert us all into DRIVERS of change.

Don’t stop. IMPULSA continues, 365 days a year. 



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