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Kiran Sethi


Kiran Sethi


(Bangalore, India, 1966)

Convinced that the best way to learn is to seek solutions to real problems, in 2009 she founded Design for Change, the first international movement for change led by children, which aims to put their early creativity to use in resolving global challenges. In 2011, Design for Change (which is present in more than 30 countries including Spain) received the prestigious INDEX (Design to Improve Life) award in Denmark. Prior to this, Kiran Bir Sethi set up the Riverside School in Ahmedabad (India), where children are taught the most important lesson in life: ‘I can’. The students tackle local problems, lead other young people and even educate their own parents. In 2008 she was named an Ashoka Fellow social entrepreneur for setting up aProCh, an initiative that aims to make cities friendlier places for children. 

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