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IMPULSA - Fòrum Fundació Príncep de Girona

FPdGi Awards 2014

June 26 2014, 19:00h to 20:30h, Palau de Congressos de Girona, FPdGi Awards

19:00h Opening by Josep Mª Pou

19:30h Music Performance: #smile by The Gospel Viu Choir

20:00h Presentation of the 2014 FPdGi Awards and Closing Session by H.R.H. The Prince of Asturias and of Girona.

2014 FPdGi Awards

Mohamed El Amrani, 2014 FPdGi Social Award

Awarded for his exemplary character, his attitude of positive communication, his inclusive nature, his community work and his capacity to find small solutions to large problems.

Alberto Enciso Carrasco and Rui Miguel Dos Santos Benedito, 2014 FPdGi Scientific Research Award

Ex aequo Awards. Alberto Enciso Carrasco was chosen because of his research into developing new techniques for analysing differential equations used in physics and directly applicable to several fields of science and technology. And Rui Miguel Dos Santos Benedito was chosen in recognition of his excellent research in the field of vascular biology, which is highly relevant in many areas of healthcare such as treating cancer and cardiovascular disease, and for his leadership capacity.

Hugo Fontela, FPdGi Arts and Literature Award 2014

Has been awarded for having developed paintings that are reflective, pared down and committed to protecting nature, and which impressed the jury with their maturity and intensity.

Ignasi Belda, 2014 FPdGi Business Award

Awarded for being a young entrepreneur with a solid academic background who is launching his professional career in the field of biomedicine and technology with great effort, determination and innovative capacity and for his clear international vocation which is a living reflection of the real situation facing entrepreneurs in today’s global society.

Valnalón, 2014 FPdGi Organisation Award

Awarded for its pioneering commitment and action in education and for promoting entrepreneurial attitudes as a means to develop young people’s skills with the ultimate goal of improving their economic and social environment.

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