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  • Mohamed El Amrani, FPdGi 2014 Social Award

Mohamed El Amrani, FPdGi 2014 Social Award

  • Mohamed El Amrani

Your Majesties, authorities, trustees of the Prince of Girona Foundation, members of the Advisory Council and of the juries... friends, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. It is an honour for me to address a few words to you on behalf of the winners at the 2014 Forum.

The Prince of Girona Foundation Awards encourage and acknowledge entrepreneurship and, particularly, the role that we young people play in the development of ideas and projects that have a significant and positive impact on our society and that urge us to maintain our belief in the power of dreams and the possibility of making them come true.

This is all possible because of a constant drive for self-improvement and a concern for the world around us. Indeed, being able to bring our day-to-day lives to a halt for a moment and to reconsider everything, shows the will for change and transformation that we pursue and by which we are defined.

Energy, curiosity and vitality and a highly critical sense of responsibility enable young people to generate new paradigms and to provide practical solutions to current problems. It is precisely when commitment combines with innovation that hope and the possibility of real change arise.

In this change the arts and literature play an essential role, as they allow us to take a look at, recognise and learn about ourselves, explore our feelings in depth and take refuge from the uncertainties we face on our life path.

Let us not forget that art is a balm for the soul and a necessary remedy that serves as a driving force and reference in society as a whole. Our spirit feeds on its beauty and is comforted. Let us trust that we shall thus be improved.

We are convinced that science and technology are not only the key driving forces of change and development, but also firm foundations for economic growth. Historically, the paradigm shifts that have enabled humankind to solve old problems and break new ground have virtually always come from young people who combine talent, training, foresight and a great deal of effort. Now, more than ever, we need to invest a great deal in young researchers with the ability to build a new future for our society.

In business, it is hoped that young entrepreneurs will help to generate a return to growth and the creation of employment. This will only be possible if based on the effort, perseverance, innovation and, above all, internationalisation of our companies. Competing in a global and hyper-connected world requires our entrepreneurs and businesspeople to be highly skilled in order to innovate and to create wealth and employment by applying knowledge to solving social challenges.

It is precisely through social organisations involved in working with young people that we can encourage a more enterprising citizenry. This involves working, first, with teachers and families on the development of programmes and courses that help to foster initiative in students, cooperatively and through projects that encourage entrepreneurial skills.

Social commitment is, today, more important and crucial than ever in guaranteeing equal opportunities and the dignity of the most vulnerable people. More importantly, a concern for our surroundings should be inherent in each of us so that we can adopt a more human and caring perspective in everything we do and in everything we are involved with. This is a responsibility upon which our prosperity depends.

In difficult surroundings, not all young people have the same opportunities and it is important to create areas of trust with which to ensure the personal growth of our generation; a generation that is not lost, far from it, but simply needs to find its way. Its wealth lies in diversity. Guiding and confiding in it is the first step to success.

 We wish to give our wholehearted thanks to the Prince of Girona Foundation for its drive and encouragement for pushing ahead in the firm conviction that the path chosen is the right one, for endeavouring enthusiastically, with a conviction and great motivation that makes everything meaningful. This extremely valuable initiative shows the whole of the country the importance and crucial role of young people in society. We wish to thank the entire Foundation team, which has so amenably welcomed us with great warmth and made us feel comfortable and in such good company.

None of today’s prizewinners have got where they are today alone. All of us have enjoyed support from our teams and colleagues, who have shown endless confidence in us from the very outset. Without these people, who represent the driving force of the initiatives under consideration, it would not have been possible.

Thanks also to our parents, families and friends, who have always respected our dreams and have done everything possible to help.

Thanks to teachers, trainers and educators who at some stage of our lives have been involved in the adventure of helping us and inspiring us in our process of development as people and laying the foundations of our learning.

From Girona we are sending the world a message of enthusiasm and hope, but also of perseverance and critical thought in order to face all the challenges before us. The future is in our hands, so let us grasp it and build it on the basis of effort and of sacrifice. While doing so, let us seek the strength with which to continue striving to make dreams come true.

Thank you very much.

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