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  • Antoni Esteve: ''Be open, cooperate, get involved, make a commitment; the IMPULSA Forum is yours''

Antoni Esteve: ''Be open, cooperate, get involved, make a commitment; the IMPULSA Forum is yours''

Today at the Prince of Girona Foundation we have a twofold reason to celebrate. Looking at this full auditorium confirms the success of the IMPULSA Forum. We also welcome those who are following us from elsewhere, as we are being streamed live and broadcast through the social networking sites everywhere in the country. Being open and collaborative also means that anyone who so wishes can be part of the Forum. It is an initiative that has not stopped growing.

  • Antoni Esteve, president of FPdGi

The Honorary President of the Foundation has now become the Head of State as King of Spain. Their Majesties would have liked to be with us, but that has not been possible. They convey their hopes that the Forum will be as fruitful as it has been to date. We also give our infinite thanks to all the speakers who have come from around the world to share their time and experiences with us today. We are building lasting ties. This city has welcomed us with the hospitality to which we are accustomed. Thank you to the Trustees and the Advisory Council, to the Organising Committee and to the entire FPdGi team.

We live in complex times and although young people have the worst of things, there are still opportunities, and good opportunities. We should not give in to complaining but rather encourage change to yield a more hopeful environment. We must acknowledge that we, as seniors, brought upon us the state of negativity that exists today. Our generation must therefore make a move so that young people can build their future.

We confide in you all. Assume the initiatives presented here as your own. Assume as your own the projects implemented by young people like yourselves who were sitting here five years ago and are now helping our society to develop. They are our ambassadors. It is up to them to tell us whether we are on the right path. Leadership of the Foundation is a matter for young people. I therefore ask you to help us to improve by sending us your opinions, praise and criticism. This is also an act of joint responsibility. Only thus can we move forward together.

Be open, cooperate, get involved, make a commitment; the IMPULSA Forum is yours.

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