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  • Visual Map of the Impulsa Forum: Conclusions by Alfons Cornella

Visual Map of the Impulsa Forum: Conclusions by Alfons Cornella

Alfons Cornella has summed up the essence of the first edition of the Impulsa Forum, highlighting that education, collaborative actions and confidence in young people are key factors to take advantage of “the time of change” in which we are living.

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“As a society we cannot neglect the huge potential of young people; we need to give them a boost so that they can create projects and take advantage of their talent”

 “We need to change from me to us through problem solving”

“Everyone needs to find his or her own talent”

 “We must provide young people with efficient tools to enable them to make their ideas come true"

“We need examples to help change the mentality of our society”

“We cannot keep on thinking about an enterprise as a machine for making money; the goal of businesses is to develop projects and it is essential that we explain this in schools to transform society”

"Young people complain that they lack time, money and knowledge to carry out their initiatives, but they are determined and enthusiastic about them. Therefore we need to provide them with tools so that they can carry out their projects"

“Schools need to understand that the world has changed; if we train young people according to reality, we are ensuring their future”

 “We need to collaborate. We can do many things as a collective, transforming each business according to these values”

"I dare you to incorporate a junior in your life and go with him wherever he goes; we can achieve great results by joining together in our efforts, but young people, thanks to their skills and knowledge, can multiply them”

 “We are living in a potentially epic time. There are many things to change. We need to be brave”

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