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  • 17 Open Sessions at the Casa de Cultura of Girona

17 Open Sessions at the Casa de Cultura of Girona

Talks and workshops on collaboration and entrepreneurship open to the general public

  • Josep Lluís Sánchez, Open Session

Collaboration, entrepreneurship and creativity were the main features of the Open Sessions, held in various parts of the Casa de Cultura in Girona. They amounted to a total of seventeen sessions in the form of talks, workshops or seminars open to the general public. They ranged from the designing of a business model and the creation of businesses such as a virtual shop or a tourist-activities company through to collaborative work to draw together knowledge on the network, as in the cases of Wikipedia or Wikiartmap. 

Here are some of the observations and guidance we heard:

“Opening a website is like opening a shop in the desert: nobody passes by and you have to go out and look for people.”
“Rather than attracting clients, in the beginning you have to attract investors”.
Glòria Molins, founder of Trip4real

“The economic model of Wikiartmap does not lie in advertising or positioning content but rather in offering services: we help entities wanting to publish their heritage to post content.”
Maite Oliva, Wikiartmap

“People’s life expectancy is increasing; the life expectancy of companies, on the other hand, is going down. Our destiny is therefore change; and we have plenty of time to change, not just our jobs, but even our professional careers.”
“The most highly prized talent in the 21st century is related with creativity and the capacity to collaborate with others.”
Arancha Ruiz, headhunter & talentist

“Before, multinationals attracted the talent. Now, it is the digital companies that attract it. And for various reasons: for the vision they have, for the process they have, for the teams that work with them, for the product they offer and for the sense of collaboration they display.”
Fernando de la Rosa, founder of Foxize School

“Combining crowdfunding and crowdsourcing makes a lot of sense.”
María G. Perulero, Goteo

“We don’t go out and look for partners, but rather we find them. We often associate out of fear, but that need not be the only formula. You need money? Then go to the bank. You can’t handle everything? Then hire people. You cannot master everything? Then subcontract. You need someone to talk to? Look for an advisor. You are afraid? Do some sport.”
“Don’t place much trust in subsidies to get ahead. The best subsidy is to win the first client. Whoever has a client has market.”
“A budget serves for two purposes: for not meeting it and for knowing why you didn’t meet it.”
José Antonio Ruiz Pérez, head of the Entrepreneurs Programme of Ibercaja and founder of Emoziona

“In order to convey ideas, you have to connect with the emotions. In order to find out if you are looking at a story or just an opinion, there are two little tricks: if you ask, if it generates expectations in you, if you feel curiosity, then it’s a story; and if another experience comes into your head to recount, then it is indeed a story.”
Eva Snijders, storyteller and CEO de Química visual

 Download the presentations:

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