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Young people’s workshop: How to detect and empower professional careers?


 What do young people know/think/believe/want in regard to their professional future? How can we detect/promote professional careers?
 Values that came out of the debate: Advantages / Motivation / Barriers/ Knowledge / Money / Time / Support / Abilities / Competition / Insecurity / Hope / Effort / Audacity.

 Ideas contributed by the young people:

"Detect barriers and levers to better transform the current vocation in reality: how to see if what young people understand by "vocation" (the idealized image) really corresponds with reality"

"How to see if our “dream” corresponds with our “capacity”"

“The style of classes and learning must be changed”

“Learning should be more practical and fun”

“Professionals from different fields should give talks to motivate us”

“Economic resources and support so that young people believe they are capable of realizing their goals”

“Feeling free to always say what we think, without the fear of being wrong”

“We don’t want to be pressured and made to do things that don’t interest us”

“We must do what we love, always with our own effort”

“There should be tests to detect our innate abilities and what kind of knowledge we have that is most developed”

“Development of personal skills”

“We want grants for regular student exchanges abroad, to reinforce languages and get to know other realities”

“Economic assistance for those who show the most drive toward  innovating”

“Do what we really like, and from there be the best in that field”

“Receive training that is based on the reality of each profession and job”

“Spend time with professionals of all fields to get to know their day-to-day reality”

“Work, work, work”


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