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As rector of the University of Girona, on behalf of the Schools ESADE, IESE and the Prince of Girona Foundation, I am pleased to present the keys to the future that have been set forth during the course of the IMPULSA Forum:

-Ordinary people, through work, dedication and hope, achieve extraordinary things that make the world go round and move forward. Without their effort, usually unrecognized, the economic and social machine would stop working.

-Adequately linking collaboration with competence is the best path for facing future challenges. The new generations are very used to “sharing”, influenced by social networking and collaborative video games. The launching of public and private projects that bring together young people’s volitions and abilities to collaborate is an essential condition for our future as a society.

-People –in particular young people- are the driving force of progress. We must believe more in people’s capabilities, in the energy and passion of the individual; we must believe more in what we already have, in the capability of young people, and give them challenges and opportunities.

-Young people must receive more support, but also more challenges. Overprotectiveness diminishes their ability to react in the face of future unknowns. Helping them understand the global and fast-changing future they will face demands a profound change in the educational system.

-Efficient mechanisms must be established for connecting ideas with resources and power. We must be proactive with good ideas: we must pave the footpath so that they can develop more easily.

-It is essential to explain the idea of entrepreneurial initiative in classrooms and in the University. Schools must incorporate those ideas that enable us to transmit to our young people the awareness that the surest way to maintain our well being is through sustainable economic growth, stimulated by entrepreneurship.

-Education must be personalized and oriented to the development of each individual’s talent. We benefit most from talent by connecting motivation with learning. Parents and teachers must be aware of this reality, educate themselves toward that end and act accordingly.

-Public and private capabilities must be combined intelligently. It is no longer useful to maintain the Manichean dichotomy between “the public” and “the private”. We must understand clearly what our assets as a society are and apply the best of our collective intelligence to present them as “challenges” to our young people. The various governmental bodies should collaborate with private companies and institutions to decidedly encourage entrepreneurial initiative in our youth, in order to make substantial progress in this field in the coming years.

- Entrepreneurial initiative is key in creating new stable and sustainable employment. The most determined awareness on everyone’s part in regard to this priority is urgent. In particular, although entrepreneurial initiative must be present at all stages of one’s professional trajectory, it is especially important in the development of young people, in the presentation of new challenges and in their assuming responsibility.

-The magic triangle of the future is based on talent, entrepreneurial initiative and “creativation” (CREATIvity & innoVATION). The best ideas are “impulsed” to assets only when we are able to make entrepreneurial initiative blossom. The entire society, without exception, must dedicate values and and resources to make this possible… only in this way can we ensure the future of our society.



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