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Values and models for entrepreneurship


""It is very important to have the desire to change something: to find the idea, work hard continually, suffer, understand that not everything will be a success, overcome obstacles and maintain the focus" A.Christenson

"We need to educate on self-confidence, self-knowledge and having a clear idea of what serves the project you undertake, and not vice versa;it is something that surpasses the individual person" C.Losada

"We need excellence on the technical side, inter-personal capabilities and the ability to transmit these values from primary school" J.Prats


"Entrepreneurship is knowing how to communicate well with your people, a lot of discipline, constancy, good humor and surrounding yourself with the best team" I.Andic


"Someone who thinks first about money will never achieve anything.For me, success is a job well done. Work, work, work, and everything flows from that." I.Andic

"In our company (hand made dolls and toys) when you see a girl with a smile on her lips, you know you have done something well, and this is also the company" A.Christenson

"I was an entrepreneur twice. What I considered a success was doing something transforming. Money is an attraction and an indicator, but a fundamental element is dedicating yourself to something that you can look back on and say: that was worthwhile, has given my life meaning, is the most important key indicator of success." C.Losada

"If the objective is to make money fast, the objective is very poor. We have the responsibility to set objectives with more quality and depth to bring out the best in each person." J.Prats


"We have a long way to go to improve education, and it has to be in the family, at school, in the mass media, to compete better." I.Andic

"Today we need not only to know, but also how to use what we have learned. Teachers must aim to make children take the initiative in acquiring knowledge and transforming it for their future needs” A.Christenson

"More teamwork and and seeking talent individually. Give support to innovation and creativity" A.Christenson

"There is a more important element that lies behind this: What are the references that the teachers themselves have interiorized and transmitted to their students?" C.Losada

"We must demystify creativity as producing ideas. Creativity comes when one knows his or her work in depth.

"Many examples already have great knowledge and are innovating now. You don’t need to create from zero, but rather be very prepared to be able to innovate. We must know how to put knowledge at the service of solving problems. That is where we need creativity. In 70% of high-growth companies, the founder finds the idea in his or her work, by being an expert and knowing what is needed." J.Prats


"An entrepreneur is born (with desire, with ambition...), not made" I.Andic


"You can “make” an entrepreneur. Ambition is important, but we must help them to acquire the techniques necessary for entrepreneurship." J.Prats


"This is like music. We are all born with the capacity to hear it, though someone may be more sensitive or more gifted than others. There is a component of predisposition, and a possibility of developing it, and unfortunately many people never come to realize their potential as musicians”. C.Losada

"Space must be given for experimenting, trying unknown paths, and whether it turns out well or badly is part of this process. And to be able to experiment, we must be generous. If we value pure efficiency, and this is often seen in companies, creating generous spaces for intelligent experimentation, to deal well with failure and so that people are trained in this process." J.Prats

"In life we learn only through errors. The one without errors has no idea of life" I.Andic


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