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The robotics workshop reinforced the young people’s teamwork and inventiveness

150 boys and girls from 8 schools of the Girona region participated in the robotics workshop "Mission: Human Body" that was held as a parallel activity of the 2011 IMPULSA Forum. Without any previous knowledge of the material, the young people learned how to build a robot and program it to carry out the task they had assigned to it.

  • The Princes of Asturias and of Girona with the participants at the robotics workshop

The participants quickly understood that teamwork and ingenuity were essential in order to pass all the tests in just one hour and brought into play their skills, complementing one another.

Together they programmed the robots to anesthetize a patient, extract foreign cells from him, perform a by-pass and then administer pills to his heart to revive him. In all cases, the mission was completed successfully.

The 8 schools that participated in the experience were: Montgrí de Torroella High School, Narcís Xifra High School of Girona, Santa Eugenia High School of Girona, Baix Empordà High School of Palafrugell, Salvador Espriu High School of Salt, Llagostera High School, Sant Josep School of Sant Feliu de Guíxols and Castell d'Estela High School of Amer. For many of the participants, the mere fact of being able to participate in the workshop was in itself recognition, as was the case for the young people from the Salvador Espriu High School of Salt, a school with a high component of multiculturalism.

The lucky ones were the students who stood out for having received the best grades during the school year. Also taking part in the experience were boys and girls from Girona who had participated this year in the FIRST LEGO League, an international program whose goal is to enhance scientific and technological vocations among schoolchildren. The day of the workshop they were able to meet a special guest, the president of FIRST, Jon Dudas, who spoke at the 2011 IMPULSA Forum to explain the global reach of this great educational project.

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