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Designing the school of the future

20 second grade boys and girls (7-8 years of age) from the Girona school Los Maristas participated in a creativity workshop with plastic materials to design how they imagine the school of the future and how they would like to learn.

  • Designing the school of the future

Main conclusions of the workshop

- The children do not differentiate between life inside and outside school. Everything involves learning and so everything can be part of school.

- They would like school to be much more open and participatory.

- They designed practically none of the elements that already exist in schools (they didn’t change any of the classes). They directly created new spaces.

- They opted to take advantage of rural and urban areas as learning spaces.

- They attach great importance to life experience (they did not build a single classroom!)

- They are concerned about current issues (Money need for schools, recycling, etc.)


Some of the ideas raised by the children regarding the elements they would like to see in the schools of the future:


- A vegetable garden so they can learn how to grow plants 

- A swimming pool so they can learn to swim

- A hose that goes from the swimming pool to the garden, for watering

- A forest to study animals and the birth of dragonflies

- A river to learn about all the fish there are

- A rabbit farm

- Hybrid apple, cherry and orange trees

- A special clock (similar to an hourglass, but with letters instead of sand)

- A porch where they can play protected from the sun and rain

- A goldmine to learn about minerals and to finance the school!

- A butcher’s where the school cooks can buy food

- A train to take them home and to museums, and traffic lights for the train

- A tunnel to go to the train station and the basketball court

- A stage where they can sing and have concerts

- A launching pad for boomerangs

- A circus and an amusement and adventure park

- Parking space for teachers and parents

- Solar panels

- A baseball field

- A kiosk where they can get books that, once used, can be returned to the kiosk, so they don’t have to spend money

- A jacuzzi

- Face-to-face toilets: to have meetings!

- The name of this school would be: "DREAMS"

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