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The Age of the ''IMPULSA Generation'': a generation of young people capable of transforming the world

By Josep Lagares, president of the IMPULSA Forum

In the necessary period of reflection that followed the first IMPULSA Forum(2010), the Prince of Girona Foundation asked its ultimate addressees –the young people of our country–, about the reason for an event of this type and the need for it. Their answer was both unanimous and emphatic: because now is the time for enthusiasm... now is the time to build up one's hopes and to create the conditions required to make this hope a reality. With this forcefulness, our young people were crying out to us for the chance to be proactive, to eschew passivity and to help in this way to transform the world. They were demanding that we give them a voice to be heard and tools to allow them to build their own future...

Among all their reflections, however, four words stood out which, appropriately combined, point out the way to a future full of hope: Enthusiasm, Education, Entrepreneurship and Transformation. These are the four variables of the IMPULSA Formula: Building Enthusiasm about Educating for Entrepreneurship equals Transformation.

The young people were speaking to us of Enthusiasm understood as the necessary fuel to generate the desire for entrepreneurship among youth; of Education understood as the indispensable road map so that all young people without exception can develop their multiple talents; of Entrepreneurship as the  essential gearing that allows the best ideas and the best dreams to become a reality, and of Transformation as the visible result of this whole process in society and, likewise, as the start of a virtuous circle in which enthusiasm can continue to spring forth. It is a very simple formula that has arisen from young people themselves, a formula full of common sense possessing an incomparable transformation potential and one that, exerting a positive influence on each of its variables, stimulates constructive transformation and social improvement.

The IMPULSA Forum, just like the IMPULSA Prizes, seeks to catalyze the genesis of "impulsors" or driving forces, of young people who can act as examples, models and mirrors for their fellows. Indeed, it seeks to catalyze the genesis of agents of change, of ordinary young people who do extraordinary things, so that this process of building enthusiasm, education and entrepreneurship will provide us, in a relatively near future, with IMPULSA youth, with a new generation of restless young people possessing values, attitudes, capacities and projects – with young people far removed from the culture of "easy money", indolence, pessimism, victimism and conformity. In short, a generation of young people who, with courage and commitment, will face the challenges of their future with hope and enthusiasm. This is what we call the IMPULSA GENERATION: a generation of young people capable of transforming the world.

Impulsa - Fòrum Fundació Príncep de Girona

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