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Creating trust and sharing resources: workshop of Self-Managed Financial Communities in Salt

Around 50 people took part in a workshop organised by the Prince of Girona Foundation and held at the Factoria Cultural Coma Cros in Salt. This parallel event to IMPULSA Forum gave representatives of different communities and associations the chance to learn how to set up their own Self-Managed Financial Community from the founder of CAF, Jean-Claude Rodriguez Ferrera.

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Self-Managed Financial Communities are communities the members of which contribute moderate amounts in loans in order to cover small needs. The founder of the Self-Managed Financial Communities (CAF) and social entrepreneur of Ashoka International, Jean-Claude Rodriguez-Ferrera, who will also speak at IMPULSA Forum 2012, gave a workshop during which participants asked questions and cleared up doubts with regard to setting up their own micro-financing group. Rodriguez-Ferrera gave a thorough explanation on how to create the necessary climate of trust among community members, on the optimal quantities required to start investing, and on suitable management of the repayment of loans and the small gains obtained by the community.

The founder of the CAF also stressed the importance of acquiring practical and accurate knowledge of many financial concepts with which to make proper decisions and improve management of the financial capabilities of each community.

The CAF workshop was held with the support of Cáritas Diocesana de Girona and the SER.GI. Foundation.

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