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Everything starts with a good dose of enthusiasm

Enthusiasm x Education x Entrepreneurship = Transformation. This is The IMPULSA Formula, that David Risher has applied to make his dream come true: leveraging technology to spread the transforming power of education to reach one million children by 2015. Risher is one of the keynote speakers at the "CO-Building Enthusiasm" session of the IMPULSA Forum 2012.

His dream is to use technology to spread the transforming power of education to every corner of the planet, and his most immediate goal is to reach 1 million children by 2015. With this mission in mind, he founded Worldreader, an initiative launched in Barcelona to unleash the potential of millions of children in developing countries using digital books. The falling costs of technology together with the growth of mobile telephone networks in many countries enable all the books and educational resources to be distributed to even the most isolated schools through this collaboration initiative. He was also Vice-President for Worldwide Retail at Amazon.com and a senior executive at the Microsoft Corporation. 

Jil Van Eyle will also share with us his enthusiasm for the Teaming experience.

When his daughter Mónica was born with hydrocephalus in 1998, Jil van Eyle’s life changed forever. From that moment, he has dedicated all his talent, knowledge and energy to making the world a better place. He is the creator and promoter of Teaming, a solidary collaboration initiative that aims to support charitable causes through micro-donations of €1 per month. Currently, 1,000 businesses throughout the world practice Teaming, and between them they collect €200,000 a month, which goes towards various social projects. In 2010, he published a book about his experience entitled How I stopped being an idiot, in which he explains how ‘failure forces us to move forward, it shows us who we are and what we truly want’.

And Jorge Luengo, a graduate with three engineering degrees and a mathematics teacher, will make us participate in the theory and practice of his co-building enthusiasm.

Jorge has been fascinated by the world of magic since he was four years old. He gave his first public performances at the age of fifteen. Not having a school of magic near his home forced him to be creative and design all his own acts. This is how he developed the unlimited imagination and creativity that led him to win his first award at the French National Magic Congress in 2006; in 2008 he was awarded first prize in the Spanish National Magic Contest, and in 2009 he won the World Championships of Magic prize, in the invention category, at the World Magic Congress (also known as the Olympic games of magic)held in Beijing. He calls his secret the ‘three Ps’: practice, practice and practice.

Impulsa - Fòrum Fundació Príncep de Girona

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