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Explain your dream to everyone, and things are sure to happen

When you have a dream, don’t give up, share it with absolutely everybody. As I was Frank Reijkard’s assistant, I explained it to him. And the expansion was immediate. I thought I needed more media personalities and so I decided to contact Shakira, who was not yet linked to Barça at that point. One day at Reijkard’s house I met his gardener and I told him about Teaming too. And it turned out that the gardener also worked at Shakira’s house! So, I tried to explain the idea to him in as much detail as possible. And it worked. Therefore, explain your dream to anybody and everybody.

  • Jil van Eyle

In October 1998, my first daughter was born with hydrocephalus. Before that, my interests had only been material, individual: I set up a company with 50 employees, I wanted a sports car, etc. And my company went bankrupt. But my daughter changed everything. When she came out of hospital, she was helped by people from various foundations and associations. The doctors, nurses, volunteers all worked with real drive and passion. To help them, I did not want to set up just another association, because there were already plenty. There were many ideas, but we lacked funding. Instead of asking for donations, I thought it would be better for people to work in collaboration.


The idea is to donate one Euro from the monthly salary of every employee in a company, and decide who to give these funds to. Teaming is just the idea. Teaming is not an organization, or a company, it does not have a bank account, it is simply an idea: micro-donations as a team. There are more than 1,000 companies in 40 countries doing this. They generate more than €200,000 a month. The only thing Teaming needs is for the word to spread, word of mouth is the most important thing there is. A way to improve the world starting with yourself. Everybody wants to live in a better world and sometimes all that is needed is to facilitate things and show us how to do them.

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