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III Edition of the IMPULSA Forum: The time and place in which young people lose their fear of becoming entrepreneurs

On 29 June in the Girona Auditorium the IMPULSA Forum will bring together more than 1,200 people, half of them under the age of 35

The third edition of the IMPULSA Forum aims to continue encouraging young people’s entrepreneurial attitudes and build a new generation of restless young people with values, attitudes, capacities and projects eager to make the world a better place. With its innovative neural network format in which speakers and attendees interact, IMPULSA 2012 is based on collaboration across different knowledge areas and sectors. This all-day event is being held on Friday 29 June at the Girona Auditorium-Conference Centre and Fira de Girona. Their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Asturias and of Girona will play an active part in the Forum, which is due to be attended by more than 1,200 guests, half of them under the age of 35. The activities planned in the run-up to IMPULSA 2012 began last weekend and will continue throughout May and June.

The IMPULSA Forum is the time and the place where young people lose their fear of becoming entrepreneurs. This is a process launched in 2010 by the Prince of Girona Foundation to discover what educational, technological, economic, political and social conditions are required to turn thousands of restless young people into creators of progress, through initiatives in all fields. 

In the Forum, projects to foster entrepreneurial initiative are connected, integrated and merged together. In this edition the Forum “wants to continue building the IMPULSA generation which, despite the current difficulties, wants to change the world”, as the President of the Forum Organising Committee, Josep Lagares, explained.

IMPULSA 2012 aims to go one step further and build this generation through collaboration, a vital social attitude in young people and society at large in order to promote progress and tackle the growing complexity of our world. Collaboration between different disciplines, companies, research groups and sectors, as well as between emerging talent and established talent will, in the coming years, be the most important catalysts for transforming society.

Just as in the previous edition, the Forum will centre on four key areas: educating, building enthusiasm, entrepreneuring and transforming. This year, the concept of collaboration is the cross-cutting theme present in every block. An attractive and innovative format has been designed to alternate speeches by global experts, conversations between juniors and seniors, youth projects that are changing the world and various performances, some of them created especially for the Forum.

With regards the guest speakers, Josep Lagares has highlighted that “the IMPULSA Forum will begin by stating that the future is ‘CO-’ and at the end of the day we will present experiences that prove that the world is already ‘CO-.”

Prior to the IMPULSA 2012 main event, different activities have been organised with the aim of fostering entrepreneurial initiative in all its dimensions: creativity, education and solidarity. In this year’s edition, the PGiF has made an effort to expand the range of events offered, all of them being run in collaboration with other institutions. The programme of activities kicked off on 4 and 5 May and will run through until the day of the IMPULSA Forum. 

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