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Javier Agüera, IMPULSA Business Award 2012

Born in Madrid in 1992, he is the principal promoter of the company GeeksPhone. He clearly represents the three values the Awards seek to recognise: youth, innovation and business leadership, as well as international reach.

  • Javier Agüera

A student of telecommunications engineering in Madrid, Javier Agüera is the principal promoter of the company Geeksphone, which has already designed three mobile telephones and launched two of them under the Geeksphone brand. Set up when Agüera was only 16 years old, the company was the first European brand to create and sell a handset based on Google’s Android operating system. Some details of the company’s latest model, the GP2, were launched at the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, held in February. Agüera is behind other prior initiatives that demonstrate his innovative spirit and entrepreneurial nature, such as the start-ups TopKami and Darkgate Softworks.

 The handsets conceptualization is made in a small office with a sales and support point in Madrid, while the manufacturing is done in China. Geeksphone, which currently employs 15 people, has a clear international focus and currently 30% of its sales are made outside Spain.

The IMPULSA Awards are designed to promote and foster initiative and effort, research and creativity, solidarity and the development of talent in young people who are keen to build a fairer world in a globalised environment.

The main selection criteria for granting the Awards focus on exemplariness, distinction, visibility and impact, among other aspects.

With a prize consisting of €10,000 and a reproduction of a piece by the sculptor Juan Muñoz, the IMPULSA Awards will be presented on 29 June at the Girona Auditorium during the closing ceremony of the IMPULSA Forum 2012, which will be hosted by Their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Asturias and of Girona.

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