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Three young college students will present the 2012 Forum

Pau Ferrer Ramon, Natalia Gascón Mármol and Patrick Agut Close, three college students, will present the IMPULSA Forum 2012, in catalan, spanish and english. The conclusions of the Forum will also be presented by three secondary school students.

Pau Ferrer Ramon

(Valencia, 1990)

Fourth-year Journalism student at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, through the Séneca-SICUE exchange programme. A music lover, he holds a Professional Degree in Percussion from the José Iturbi Municipal Conservatory of Music in Valencia and is a member and co-founder of the a cappella quartet Melomans. He also participates in other choral groups such as the Youth Choir of the Orfeó Català, and the chamber music group Música Trobada and he is also a member of the percussion group Percujove, with whom he has made five European tours.

Natalia Gascón Mármol

(Córdoba, 1992)

Second-year student of Law and Management and Business Administration at the University of Córdoba. Passionate about debating, she has participated during the past three years in the European Parliament Model and the Parliament of Andalusia Simulation. Runner-up in the Three Cultures Debate Tournament and winner of the award for Best Speaker, and runner-up in the Guadalquivir Debate Tournament. She has also won the award for Best Speaker at the University of Córdoba Debate Club. She has been a volunteer at various old people’s homes since she was 12 years old, and helps immigrants to learn Spanish in correctional centres.

Patrick Agut Close

(Schwelm, Germany, 1989)

Student of Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Girona, he has worked in a winery and a bookshop where he had the chance to develop his know-how in commercial advertising, public relations and in dealing with clients. In 2011 he took part at the II IMPULSA Forum, accompanying and interpreting for the young speaker Felix Finkbeiner, founder of Plant for the Planet.

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