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Toni Segarra


Toni Segarra


Toni Segarra, an expert in the practical application of cocreation in the advertising industry, will be participating in a junior-senior conversation with students from ESCAC, who co-directed the film Puzzled love.

(Barcelona, 1962)

He describes himself as "a guy who writes advertisements and who has been very lucky". He studied Hispanic Studies because he wanted to be a writer; he initially started working in advertising partly by chance and partly urged on by his family. He has worked in some of the country’s best agencies, not only with some of the best advertisers but also with some of the best clients. He says that being so close to so much talent has made him very happy and has enabled him to do work of which he is proud and for which he has won numerous awards. Some years ago, chance brought him together with Luis Cuesta and Ignasi Puig, his partners at SCPF. Toni Segarra believes that any impact and success he has had in the sector is down to them.

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