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Miquel Àngel Oliva: Welcome to Creativation!


Welcome to a world where your dreams can come true!

Children’s desire to learn is what drove me to undertake this project.

Young people were previously children and it is for them that we need to start enterprising

Creativity is imagination, passion, turning ideas into action and into change.

At Forum IMPULSA 2010 I pledged to stop being a spectator and to take action. What could I do to help bring creativity to children?

We need young people who are neither indifferent nor outraged. We need young people committed to giving their best to build their future.

Can inquisitiveness be taught?

Can confidence be taught?

Creativation is learned just as you learn to ride a bike. It has three underlying conditions: realisation that you are capable, that you are enthusiastic and that you are aware of the process and the way of getting what you want.

To turn the current world into the world of Creativation everything starts at school and involves language that is appealing to children.

Through a character created specifically for this purpose, children learn how to rise to different challenges and see how they can solve real problems, and therefore realise that they can apply their creativity to their environment.

We succeed in turning these children into people who are committed to themselves and who will not stop until they achieve what really motivates them.

We have created an itinerary for 1,500 children in the schools of Girona, which culminates with the Festival of Ideas.

Our aim is to ensure that 100% of children are able to develop their creative skills.

If creativity is a universal right for all children, then we need people, companies, organisations, teachers and parents to get involved in this project.

We need 100 companies to set out their challenges and 100 creative figures to help us promote Creativation among children.

Further action needs to be taken to reduce the school dropout rate and youth unemployment so that children become the inventors of their future for less than the price of a ticket to the cinema.


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