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Ella Björnsdóttir: The results you get depend on your attitude. Do you see potential? Do you see opportunities? Do you see greatness?


The habits range from one’s own attitude through to our attitude when it comes to relating with others. We pass from dependence to independence, and from there to interdependence. 

  1. Be proactive. We cannot choose what goes on around us, but we can choose the attitude we bring to it.
  2. Begin with the end in mind. And have a plan for getting there.
  3. Put first things first, we have to focus on that.
  4. Think win-win, think mutual benefit.
  5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. We have to listen. We are programmed to see the world according to the filter of what we are like, whereas in fact we need to be able to put ourselves in the place of others.
  6. Synergize. The whole is made up of the parts. We can accomplish bigger things if we do them together.
  7. Sharpen the saw. We have to take care of ourselves, we have to evaluate, we have to learn new things, we have to invest in our relationships.


There are currently 1,800 schools around the world that are achieving good results with this method. The schools are worried, and go implementing new curriculums; in order to improve, they need more money, more commitment to the community, more commitment from parents, more responsibility from the children in relation to their learning, more technology, and so forth. How can all that be improved? If one goes to the roots of the problem, there are three factors:

1)      The principles. The children need to know what is good and what is bad, so that they can take better decisions.

2)      Culture. Communication among students, teachers, parents; we need to implant a culture, a commitment.

3)      Paradigms. What do we see when we look at a child? An opportunity or a problem?

Schools, governments and countries can raise the children’s capacities. Together, we can develop schools that inspire and help to find our passions. Together, we can change the world and work for a future that we cannot predict. Let us educate to be leaders of hearts.


Impulsa - Fòrum Fundació Príncep de Girona

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