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Sean Carasso: There isn’t much that we can’t achieve.


The 21st century is changing everything. So, what has that got to do with us?  Well, it’s got plenty to do with our life histories.

When I finished at university I went off on a journey to South Africa. I wanted to disappear for a while, to see another world, to have new experiences, hear other sounds, smell new smells, etc. Finally, I ended up in the Congo, and there I found destruction everywhere. On the fifth day I had been there I came across a military encampment where there were lots of children who were training to kill the rebel band. The ones who managed to escape and sought help from the army were punished for having committed crimes they had been forced to perpetrate without even knowing why. They were children only 8, 9 or 10 years old.

So, what did we do there?

Well, we began to talk to the children, while we waited to be able to get back to our comfortable world. I realized, on the one hand, that those children had had lives that were totally different from the one I’d had in the United States, but when it came down to it we all had the same feelings, laughed at the same jokes, longed for the same things. We had a lot in common!

They told me that smallest children, the ones who didn’t have strong enough arms to carry guns, were sent to the front line with whistles, which helped them to detect the enemy, and there they became cannon fodder. They were the first casualties.

After hearing that sad story, I wrote a little diary that I called "Falling Whistles", which I sent by e-mail to all the people I knew. Within just a few hours, I had dozens of e-mails asking me what they could do.

Despite my twenty years of study, I didn’t even know where to start!

So we launched a campaign that has managed to train local leaders in order to prevent that situation arising. Right now, while we breathe, while we live, thousands of people are suffering episodes of violence.

We can put a stop to it, though. Everything starts with the determination of only one person with sufficient courage to say that’s enough, rise up and take action.

We make those children’s weapons our voice.

You have talent, energy, passion, conviction.

You go in pursuit of a cause. Give it a go! Mobilize so that people can be free.

The united digital world is capable of halting a war. We are better connected than ever. Let’s take advantage of it, for there isn’t much that we can’t achieve.


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