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Alfons Cornella: Discover the best resources for entrepreneurs


Having an idea is like having sand on a beach. The key lies in knowing how to convert that idea into something of value, which someone is prepared to appreciate, and that means that the idea represents a solution to a problem, or an improvement.

The first problem is that we do not recognise the problems as such until we actually resolve them. We must therefore carry out a "problems mining" exercise, devote some time to detecting them and thinking about possible solutions.

I would especially recommend the book: Running Lean: Iterate from Plan A to a Plan that Works.

The first thing we must ask ourselves if we want to innovate is whether we are doing something useful. If not, then the idea will not prosper. We must also bear in mind that obtaining results means taking advantage of an opportunity, and that it is most advisable to contrast the idea we have against our setting.

It is also fundamental to apply to our idea the NABCH concepts:

N = Need (what need does the market have)

A = Approach (or how we develop our product)

B = Benefit (what benefit is there for the client)

C = Competitors (what does our proposal offer in relation to the competitors)

H = Hook. It must be possible to summarise the idea in a clear message.

There are many kinds of resources available for entrepreneurs, in terms of financing as well as of training and exchange of experiences, but each particular resource will be more appropriate for a specific phase in the life-cycle of the company:

1.I have “only” got one idea. Where do I start out from to lend it form? From the Idea to the Business Plan.

2. How do I turn the photo of my project into something tangible? From the Business Plan to the prototype.

3. I now have the product, and even somebody prepared to buy it. So it’s for real! 

4. I am invoicing. This is working. I now need to be efficient and to grow. 

5. Proven business model and sustainable invoicing.
From efficiency to profitability. 

6. My market is the world (or that is how it should be). 

7.The best practices for entrepreneurship. Who can we learn them from? 

You will find all the resources for entrepreneuring at:



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